About Us

About The School

Founded by Chef Julien Vasseur, The Pop Up Cooking School is about enjoying cooking and eating the best foods everyday. We have classes for everyone to learn new techniques and exciting dishes from around the world. We believe that home-cooked food is always the best and healthiest and we hope to encourage people to be able to cook at home more.  We also offer private chef services and cater for small to medium sized private dinner party events, for those that want to enjoy the best home-cooked meal ever without having to cook themselves.


With The Pop Up Cooking School, our goal is to be able to offer fun, educational, professional, ingredients focused, hands-on cooking classes to everyone. We pride ourselves in using only local organic, ethically and sustainably sourced produce. We maintain strong bonds with our producers and we encourage our students to do the same, thus helping the local eco-system. We also offer private classes for those that want to enjoy a class according to their own menu, schedule and venue.


While coming from a fine dining background, we understand the importance of sustaining healthy eating habits, which is often overlooked in today’s food scene. We truly believe students will be able to use what they have learned in our classes and share it with their community, making the classes not only a positive experience for themselves but also for everyone around them. We see cooking and learning more about food as a real tool to live a healthier lifestyle, and also as a great way to connect with people and our local environment.

About The Chef

Julien Vasseur grew up in the French countryside of Alsace and was always surrounded by farm animals, vegetable gardens, and rustic family cooking as a child. After attending one of France’s best culinary schools, he spent 7 years working his way up the top kitchens in Switzerland. Being a young motivated chef, he went onto travel around the world discovering new and exciting cuisines from Asia, The Americas and finally settling in Australia. He has worked as head chef in many restaurants and private chef for elite families in Los Angeles and Sydney.


In 2013, he helped start up Williams-Sonoma’s first flagship cooking school in Sydney. In 2015, he helped start up VIVE Cooking School also in Sydney. He has since realised his passion for teaching cooking after having taught hundreds of classes to people of all ages. With the influence of his grandfather’s gourmandise roots and forefathers who were market traders for a living, he is now starting his own culinary adventure from the ground up – The Pop Up Cooking School.


“Life’s too short for bad food. We all deserve the best nature has to offer. I’ve spent the last 18 years learning how to best prepare, enjoy, and respect an incredible variety of ingredients, and I want to pass that knowledge on to everyone!” – Julien Vasseur