Kingfish and Shrimp Ceviche


800gr kingfish filets, pinboned, skinned
300gr fresh shrimp peeled
1 small cucumber, seeded
½ punnet cherry tomatoes
1 red onion,
2-3 chillies,
½ bunch spring onion
1 bunch coriander
5 limes
1 orange
salt, pepper



Dice the kingfish into 1cm cubes and place in a bowl with the shrimps, lime and orange juices. Reserve in the refrigerator.

Finely dice the red onion, chilies and coriander (stem included) and place in a bowl. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half, dice the cucumber and add to the rest of the ingredients.

Check the fish, it should be firm and look opaque.

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and season with salt and pepper.

Add lime juice and chilli to taste if needed.

Serve immediately with corn chips or soppes.

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