Corn Tortillas

2 cups corn masa (masa harina)
1.5 – 2 cups hot water
½ tsp salt


Mix the salt into the masa.

Slowly pour the water on the flour and mix to obtain a smooth consistency.

The dough should be firm and springy not dry or sticky.

Cover and rest the dough for 1 hour.

Scrape dough together then divide into ping pong size balls.

Flatten the balls with a tortilla press or rolling pin. If using a tortilla press, try using a cut ziploc bag for lining so that the tortilla dough can be easily peeled off and removed.

Place dough in a hot lightly greased pan or griddle for about a minute then flip over for 10-20 seconds.

Makes about 20 tortillas.


Note: Masa is corn flour that has gone through nixtamalisation, which aids in digestion of the grain and also helps it to become a dough when water is added. Regular corn flour will not produce the same texture and taste. In Australia, masa is not very commonly found. You will need to find masa in Latino specialty stores or About Life in Sydney. Tortilla press can be found at Chef’s Warehouse in Sydney.

Photos by Viviane Perenyi.



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