Cooking Classes

Coming Soon to a Market Near You

We will be offering cooking classes to the public again soon. Here are some of our past themes to give you an idea of our classes. Feel free to contact us to book us at your market or venue!

Taco and Ceviche

Come discover 2 of Mexico’s most loved dishes, Tacos and Ceviche! Mexican cuisine has taken over Australia and the world and there is a good reason for it. Fun, delicious, and spicy, perfect for your next BBQ party.

Menu : Taco el Pastor, Snapper Ceviche, Pico de Gallo, Amazing Guacamole, Smokey Jalapeno Salsa.

Po’Boy and Gumbo

Straight from the South, come discover New Orleans’ Best kept secret! Cajun heat and bold earthy flavors, we re taking you for a gastronomic trip to the home of the jazz.

Menu: Shrimp Po’boy, Seafood gumbo and Cajun fries.

Easy Ravioli

Fresh home made ravioli are always the best! No need to be an Italian nona to make your own. We will give you all the secrets of the best dough, fillings and how to cook your raviolis to perfection as well as delicious sauces to accompany them.

Menu: Potato, Pecorino and mint ravioli with burnt butter and confit heirloom cherry tomatoes, Rocket pesto.

French At Home

Come travel France’s country roads through Chef Julien’s favourite recipes. We will travel the old country with recipes from food destination like Alsace, the Basque country etc.. Come discover France’s best kept health secret… fresh full cream, wine, butter and still skinny!

Menu: Ocean trout ”en papillote” with citrus and dill, Original Niçoise salad and an amazing summery Strawberry Parfait.

Asian Street Food

There is much more to food than award rated restaurants and white tablecloths. While studying at some of the best kitchens, many chefs most dramatic culinary experiences often happened at unexpected places, quite often sitting on the side of a road somewhere in Asia. Many ”street food” dishes are now on the world’s top restaurants menu and there is a good reason for that.

Menu: Thai Green papaya salad,  Balinese Sate and sambal, Singapore Crab and Bao buns.

Pasta like Mama!

Nothing beats fresh homemade pasta. It s a simple, fun and relaxing exercise… It also tastes incredible! Pasta making is an essential skill for any amateur chef or foodie as it will enable you to create a myriad of different dishes. We will explain all the secrets of kneading a good dough as well as creating the perfect sauce to accompany your next pasta dinner.

Menu: Homemade Pasta Dough, Ravioli, Neapolitan Sauce and Creamy Pesto.

Gluten Free Feast

Coeliac’s disease and gluten intolerance are becoming more common, but fear not, there are lots of delicious ways to substitute wheat today. In this week’s class we will talk about different gluten free grains and how to turn them into amazing recipes. Whether you’re on a gluten-free diet or not, it’s always good to have a couple recipes up your sleeve just in case.

Menu: Baby summer veggies risotto with grilled scallops and lemon oil , Moroccan Quinoa salad with roasted pumpkin, goat curd and mint verde.

Vegetarian Harvest

Get a kick of summer’s finest. Broadbeans, zucchini flowers, artichokes, tomatoes, herbs, and everything at the farm that is ready to burst in an explosion of flavour! Discover the best summer has to offer through amazing vegetarian dishes. This week we will focus all the healthy, fresh and delicious vegetables grown locally.

We will also learn about all the delicious meat/fish substitutes available today and how to maintain a balanced diet while enjoying every single meal.

Summer Salads

Come for a leafy, crunchy, and delicious class and celebrate summer with some amazing salads. Nothing better than a quick, fresh and satisfying salad. From quickly dressed side salads to plentiful one meal salad dishes.Harvest all the goodness of summer and enjoy every bite of it!

Menu: Raw Moroccan couscous salad, beetroot and granny smith with roasted almonds and rocket and some delicious and easy dressings recipes.

Wonderseeds: Quinoa and Amaranth

Discover the beautiful (and delicious ) truth about 2 of the very very few vegetal complete proteins. Quinoa and amaranth are both delicious, easy to cook and very versatile. They have become very popular in Australia and around the world as a healthy,  Gluten free,affordable and delicious meat substitute. Cooked, puffed, in porridge or in salads, as a side dish or as the main attraction, there are many ways to enjoy them. Come discover some of our favourites.

Smoke and Char: BBQ Special

Perfect BBQ with professional butcher tips! BBQ is probably one of the oldest ways of cooking and probably one of the most versatile. Come learn how to select the right cut for the right recipe, how to prepare the meat, marinades and beautiful side dishes for accompaniments.

Menu: Goat

Lil Chef Groms

Nothing better to encourage your kids to start cooking. Or maybe they are already talented chefs and want to learn to impress. We love teaching kids how to cook.